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Your donations will Improve the lives of Black boys through Education in technology

BlackboysCode learners using a computer

What devices we accpet

We accept Laptops, Mac books, Surface books, and Notebooks that’s less than 5 years old and fully functioning condition with all required supplies

Eligibility criteria for laptops​

We only accept laptops in good working condition and comes with a valid operating system, Ideal donations are Windows 10 compliant with core i5 or equalant prossor 

Data Security

Double-check that hard drives and important files are erased or wiped before donating equipment.


Preparing your donation

Step 01

Consolidate your re-purposed laptops, double checked you have backed up all the files and cleaned up the hard drive, Leave the operating system 

Step 02

If you making a bulk donation,  download the attached spreadsheet and fill in laptop information into the sheet.  Upload the donation sheet to donation form

e.g Laptop make , model , serial number

Download Donation sheet template

Step 03

Complete the online donation form with your Business and donation information.
Ship out the laptops to Blackboyscode facility

Donation Form

Device Information

Shipping Inormation

About us

The BlackBoysCodeCares initiative was created to address the need for technology and internet connectivity by partnering with technology leaders and telecom service providers to offer laptops and internet connectivity to the families in most need. 

Young black youth

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