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Black Boys Code Cares is dedicated to empowering communities by bridging the digital divide, providing access to essential technology resources such as laptops to families in need

Who we are

Black Boys Code Cares Is the philanthropic arm of Black Boys Code. We donate laptops to families in need. Having administered computer science programs for 7+ years now, we have seen first hand the barriers that arise when students are not able to afford the equipment needed for education, so we decided to bridge that gap.

How it works

Black Kids Code Cares collects repurposed laptops and distributes them to families in need. Black Kids Code Cares has distributed around 150 + laptops, 10 brand new laptops, and 6 iPads in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Windsor and London. Organizations that wish to donate their repurposed laptops can contact the organization by emailing [email protected].

Empowering futures, one laptop at a time.



Consolidate your re-purposed laptops, double checked you have backed up all the files and cleaned up the hard drive, Leave the operating system



Complete the online donation form with your Business and donation information. Ship out the laptops to Blackboyscode facility


Make a difference

Your donations will Improve the lives of Black youth through Education in technology

It is important for everyone to have access to the same educational resources in order to create a level playing field for success. We believe this program helps families who may not have the financial means to purchase the tools their children need for learning. We are proud to support and promote this initiative so more students and families can benefit from it.

Education is the foundation of success and no child should be left behind due to a lack of resources. Providing students with donated laptops helps bridge the gap of opportunity and ensure all children have the same chance to succeed.

Join hands with us to create a meaningful impact

Our Partners:

We are grateful to all of our partners who have donated laptops to this cause so far:

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